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The Floyd and Marion Rinhart Photograph digital collection consists of photogravures, engravings, and stereographs of various views of Florida's build environment and natural landscapes from the 1860s through the 1930s. The images serve as a visual travel narrative of the Rinharts as they incorporated working assignments to various parts of the state with a growing interest in the art of photography. The Rinharts’ collection of Florida photography includes work by Jesse Wooley, Underwood & Underwood, Alfred Waud, Joseph Holder, Stanley Morrow, and many others.

 Floyd Rinhart moved to Coral Gables, Florida, from New Jersey in September, 1923 at the age of seven. Floyd grew up on Giralda Avenue, a short distance from the Coral Gables Venetian Pool. During summer vacations, Floyd traveled back to Asbury Park, New Jersey, to see family and friends. There he met Marion Hutchinson, and a childhood romance culminated in marriage in 1935.

 Following World War II, Floyd worked as an executive for Lindley Lumber Company. The Rinharts lived in a variety of Florida's east coast towns, and for a short time in St. Petersburg. Following a move to Deerfield Beach in 1955, the Rinharts developed a keen interest in the history of photography. They began to collect early American photography, and their extensive research led to the publication of American Daugerrian Art, in 1967, and American Miniature Case Art, in 1969.

 A full description and list of all materials in this collection are available in the Floyd and Marion Rinhart Photograph Collection finding aid.