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A Picture of colonial slavery in the year 1828, addressed especially to the ladies of Great Britain

A narrative of recent events connected with the Baptist mission in this island : comprising also a sketch of the mission, from its commencement, in 1814, to the end of 1831

A plan for the immediate extinction of the slave trade for the relief of the West India colonies, and for the diffusion of civilization and christianity in Africa, by the cooperation of mammon with philanthropy

A sermon : preached at the annual election, May 26, 1830, before His Excellency Levi Lincoln, governor, His Honor Thomas L. Winthrop, lieutenant governor, the honorable Council, and the legislature of Massachusetts

A sermon, preached before the Association, for Discountenancing Vice, and promoting the practice of religion and virtue, in St. Anne's Church, on Thursday 5th May, 1796

A treatise on the patriarchal, or co-operative, system of society as it exists in some governments, and colonies in America, and in the United States, under the name of slavery, with its necessity and advantages

A voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West-Indies : in His Majesty's ships the Swallow and Weymouth

Abstract of the report of the Lords committees on the condition and treatment of the colonial slaves, and of the evidence taken by them on that subject, with notes by the editor

Across Panama : building the canal

Album de coiffures travesties. Première série, Modèles de la coiffure française illustrée, 1889-1898

Album de coiffures travesties. Troisième série, Modèles de la coiffure française illustrée, 1889-1907

An Enquiry which of the two parties is best entitled to freedom? The slave or the slaveholder? From an impartial examination of the conduct of each party, at the bar of public justice

An address delivered by the Rev. Henry Browne, on the occasion of the laying the foundation stone of St. Paul's Church, Annandale, St. Ann's, Jamaica

An address to the people of Great Britain : on the propriety of abstaining from West India sugar and rum

An authentic narrative of the Seminole War : its cause, rise and progress, and a minute detail of the horrid massacres of the Whites, by the Indians and Negroes, in Florida, in the months of December, January, and February

Book of fate

Brief for higher education of the Negro

Christ in concrete : [manuscript copy of the short story and first chapter]

Claire-Solange, âme africaine; roman : Suivi de trois bel-airs des Antilles

Correspondence relative to the emigration to Hayti, of the free people of colour, in the United States : together with the instructions to the agent sent out by President Boyer

Dialogues et Chants Royaux

Doom of gloom

Down south

Extracts from a West India plantation journal, kept by the manager : shewing the treatment of the slaves and its fatal consequences

Facts respecting slavery

Farther facts connected with the West Indies : a second letter to the Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P. ...

Flower-de-luce : with illustrations

Fuldstændigt Udtog af C.G.A. Oldendorps Missions-Historie om de Evangeliske Brødres Mission paa de caraibiske Øer St. Thomas, St. Crux og St. Jan

Golden shields of knowledge

Jamaica : who is to blame?

Judnique and Daiysis defeat Seth

Letter to the Lord Glenelg, Secretary of State for the Colonies ... on Negro apprenticeship

Narrative of the cruel treatment of James Williams, a negro apprentice in Jamaica, from 1st August, 1834, till the purchase of his freedom in 1837

Negro emancipation no philanthropy : a letter to the Duke of Wellington

Observations sur l'origine et les progrès du préjugé des colons blancs contre les hommes de couleur : sur les inconvéniens de le perpétuer la nécessité, la facilité de le détruire sur le projet du Comité colonial, etc.

Official responsibility affirmed and enforced, in a letter to Sir George Grey ... on the administration of the act for the abolition of British colonial slavery

Pamphlets on slavery and the Civil War

Papers presented to the House of Commons, respecting the Island of Trinidad

Papers relating to the disturbances in Jamaica, Part I

Papers relating to the disturbances in Jamaica, Part II

Papers relating to the disturbances in Jamaica, Part III

Plans, elevations, sections, and details of the Alhambra, vol. 1

Plans, elevations, sections, and details of the Alhambra, vol. 2

Plat book of greater Miami, Florida, and suburbs

Raccolta e paralello delle fabbriche classiche di tutti i tempi d'ogni popolo e di ciascun stile / di J.N.L. Durand ; con l'aggiunta di altre 300 e piu fabbriche e monumenti d'ogni genere antichi e moderni e della storia generale dell' architettura di J.G. Durand.

Reasons for substituting East India for West India sugar, chiefly selected from a recent publication, on the subject of emancipation

Recollections of West-End life : with sketches of society in Paris, India, &c. &c., Vol. I

Recollections of West-End life : with sketches of society in Paris, India, &c. &c., Vol. II

Second annual report of the Board of Managers of the New-England Anti-Slavery Society

Slavery in the West Indies

Some remarks, upon a late scandalous pamphlet : entituled, an address, of some Irish-folks to the House of Commons

Speech delivered in the House of Commons on the motion of Sir George Strickland, for the abolition of the negro apprenticeship, Friday, March 30, 1838, with an appendix

Statement of the proceedings of the directors of the London Missionary Society, in the case of Rev. John Smith, missionary, Demerara

Strictures on Dr. Hodgkin's pamphlet on negro emancipation and American colonization

Tale of old Brylandia

The Assiento contract consider'd. As also, the advantages and decay of the trade of Jamaica and the plantations, with the causes and consequences thereof. In several letters to a member of Parliament ...

The Demerara martyr. Memoirs of the Rev. John Smith, missionary to Demerara

The Uncle Tom's cabin almanack, or, Abolitionist memento. For 1853

The West Indies : being a description of the islands, progress of Christianity, education, and liberty among the colored population generally

The branded hand

The common-sense book

The history, civil and commercial, of the British colonies in the West Indies, Volume 3

The history, civil and commercial, of the British colonies in the West Indies, Volume I

The history, civil and commercial, of the British colonies in the West Indies, Volume II

The inexpediency and injustice of equalizing the duties on East and West India sugar, further explained

The man : the hero : the Christian! A eulogy on the life and character of Thomas Clarkson : delivered in the city of New-York, Dec. 1846

The man with the branded hand : a story of Captain Jonathan Walker

The philosophy of the abolition movement

The sketch of a plan for the effectual abolition of slavery : on principles of justice to every colonial interest, and in full accordance with every temperate desire of the British philanthropist

The speeches of Mr. Barrett and of Mr. Burge at a general meeting of planters, merchants, and others, interested in the West-India colonies assembled at the Thalched-House tavern, on the 18th May, 1833. Printed at the request of the meeting.

Third letter to the right hon. Earl Grey, first lord of the treasury, &c. on the question of Negro emancipation

Two letters of the Lord Bishop of London : The first, to the masters and mistresses of families in the English plantations abroad, exhorting them to encourage and promote the instruction of their Negroes in the distribute the said letter, and exhorting them to give their assistance towards the instructions of the Negroes within their several parishes

West Indian slavery traced to its actual source : with remarks, illustrative of the present state of colonial affairs, and an appeal for sympathy and consideration