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In front of the Jackson Memorial Hospital
1st row (left to right): Ms. Beverly Nixon, Dr. James W. Bridges, Ms. Thelma Gibson
2nd row (left to right): Dr. George Simpson, Ms. Bernadette Poitier, Dr. Dorothy J. Fields

Jackson Memorial Hospital Centennial Oral History Project

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The Jackson Memorial Hospital Centennial Oral History Project is a collection of interviews with African American doctors, nurses, and storytellers. The interviews commemorate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Jackson Memorial Hospital (1918-2018) and the contributions of medical professionals of African descent who sought to desegregate the institution and provide services to all members of the South Florida community regardless of race.

These stories document the personal experiences of individuals who discovered their callings as health care providers during a time when training in the medical field was segregated. The content of the interviews also reflects the history of health care in African American communities and the institutions that provided the training and services.

These oral histories express the views, memories and opinions of the interviewee. They do not represent the viewpoints of the University of Miami, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. The University of Miami makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in these interviews and expressly disclaims any liability therefor.

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