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Subject Index

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A - C

Academic achievement -- Awards
African American
African American air pilots
African American athletes
African American athletes -- Alabama
African American athletes -- Florida -- Miami
African American Baptists
African American baseball players
African American boys
African American children
African American children -- Alabama
African American children -- Florida -- Miami
African American clergy
African American dancers
African American football players
African American generals
African American girls
African American Heroines of Jericho
African American infants
African American judges -- Florida -- Miami
African American leadership -- Florida
African American musicians
African American school principals
African American schools -- Florida -- Miami
African American singers
African American soldiers
African American students
African American teachers
African American teenagers
African American women
African American women -- Employment
African American young men
African American young men -- Family relationships
African American young women
African Americans
African Americans -- Alabama
African Americans -- Civil rights
African Americans -- Florida
African Americans -- Florida -- Miami
African Americans -- Segregation
Air pilots
Airplanes, Military
Albury, Constance
American Legion
Anderson, Bobby
Annual reports
Antique and classic cars
Armbrister, Edmond
Award presentations
Ballroom dancing
Bannerman, Celestine
Baptist church buildings
Baseball teams -- Florida -- Miami
Basketball players
Bathing suits
Bethel, Ellen
Blanchard, George S. (George Samuel), 1920-2006
Blue, Estelle
Boldin, Delores
Boldin, William
Booker T. Washington High School (Miami, Florida)
Books and reading
Boy Scouts -- Florida -- Miami
Brown, Walter
Bullard, Ann
Bullard, J.
Cain, Harry P. (Harry Pulliam), 1906-1979
Cambridge, Judy
Cambridgte, Rudy
Captive dolphins
Chiles, Lawton, 1930-1998
Choirs (Music)
Christmas decorations
Christmas trees
Church buildings
Clark, Cyril
Clark, Elaine
Clark, Sharen
Clark, Stephen P., 1924-1996
Coca-Cola Company
Colebrooks, Bernard
Commanders Digest
Community and school
Cornerstone laying
Cub Scouts -- Florida -- Miami
Culmer, Fanny

D - F

Daniels, Cecil
Daniels, Eula
Davis, Iral
Dawson, Gwen
Day care centers -- Florida -- Miami
Defense Race Relations Institute (Patrick Air Force Base, Florida)
Delaware, Valarie
Diners (Restaurants)
Dinners and dining
Diversity in the workplace
Douglas, Jimmy
Drinks, Willie
Dukes, Barbara
Dukes, Debra
Farbs, Harold
Fentress, Mr.
Fire engines
Flags -- United States
Football -- Training
Football coaches -- Florida -- Miami
Football teams -- Florida -- Miami
Foote, Edward T.
Ford, Johnny, 1942-
Foster, Adelaide Towson

G - I

Gardiner, Anthony
Garvin, Tom
Gaynor, Evelyn
George Washington Carver Elementary School (Coconut Grove, Florida)
George Washington Carver Junior High School (Coconut Grove, Florida)
George Washington Carver Schools (Miami, Florida)
George Washington Carver Senior High School (Coconut Grove, Florida)
Gibson, Theodore R. (Theodore Roosevelt), 1915-1982
Gilliam, Freddie
Glory in the Grove Exhibit
Graduation (School)
Graham, Bob, 1936-
Graham, Kyle Foster
Graham, Robert Scott
Grant, Jerry
Hall, Geraldine
Hannah, Liz
Harris, Elrick
Harrison, Ola Mae
Hart, Ernest
Hart, Mike
Harvard College (1780-)
Henry, Antonio
High school graduates
High school seniors
Hobbs, Ronald L.
Hollis, Elmore
Hopkins, Vernetta
Hornets Baseball Team
Hornets Cheerleaders
Hornets Football Team
Hornets Marching Band
Hornets Track Team
Hunt, Bernice
Hunt, Fred
Hutchinson, Conrad, Mrs.
Ingrahm, Jimmy
Ivey, Robert

J - L

James, Daniel, 1920-1978
James, Dorothy Watkins
Janis, Jay, 1932-
Johnson, Alverine
Johnson, Ted
Jones, C. B.
Jones, E. R.
Jones, Lemond
Jones, Mary
Jones, Matthew
Kelley, Maud Chisholm
King, Sinclair
Lang, Joyce
Lang, Karen
Liberty City (Miami, Florida)
Loyalty oaths -- Florida
Lubat, Manks

M - O

Mallard, Eddie
Marching bands
Marriage customs and rites
Marriage service
Martin, Sallye P.
Mason, Emerson
Massey, Roy
Metropolitan Dade County (Florida) -- Community Relations Board
Miami Inner-City Minority Experience
Miami Seaquarium
Miles, Bernice
Moore, Sharon
Mount Olive Baptist Church (Armstrong Colony, Texas)
Musical groups
Nealy, Emily
Nelson, Jacob
New England Conservatory of Music
Nickelson, Barbara
Nickerson, Sonia

P - R

Parade floats
Parker, Juanith
Patterson, Delores
Percussion instruments
Perkins, Gither
Piano -- Performance
Poitier, Little
Portier, Saundra
Portrait photography
Portraits, Group
Powell, Dorothy
Powell, Nathaniel
Price, Joyce
Race relations
Race Relations/Equal Opportunity Conference
Reagan, Ronald
Rites and ceremonies
Robert H. Simms & Associates, Inc.
Roberts, Betty
Robinson, Arleen
Rolle, Gloria
Royal, Helen
Runners (Sports)

S - U

Santa Claus
School employees
School principals
Scott, Jean
Sea lions
Sharmon, Jenette
Sher, Bobby
Shirley, Edwin S.
Signs and signboards
Simms family
Simms, Alberta Simmons
Simms, Aubrey Watkins, 1924-2006
Simms, Bob, 1927-
Simms, Bryan Christopher
Simms, David Michael, 1954-
Simms, Ellen
Simms, Ernest Washington, 1910-1975
Simms, Harry
Simms, Jodie Michael
Simms, Leah A., 1949-
Simms, Michael Robert
Small's Lounge (Overtown, Miami, Florida)
Smith, Norma Jean
Smith, Paulette
Special events
Speeches, addresses, etc
Speeches, addresses, etc.
Sports -- Awards
Sports for women
Sports spectators
Sports uniforms
St. Alban's Day Nursery (Coconut Grove, Florida)
Stanford, Henry King, 1916-
Stirrups, Kate
Stone, Betty
Suarez, Ernestine
Sumpter, Virginia
Symonette, Ralph
Teamer, Jerry
Thomas, Fred L.
Thompson, Robert Simms, 1948-
Toy guns
Trumpet players
Tucker, Frances S.
Tuskegee Institute
Tuskegee Institute -- Faculty
Tuskegee Institute High School
Tuskegee news
Tuskegee University
United States -- Dept. of Defense
United States -- Dept. of the Treasury
United States -- Navy
United States. Army -- African American troops
United States. Army Air Forces -- African American troops
University of Miami

V - X

Van Vranken, Royal
Verrick, Elizabeth
Volleyball for women
Volleyball players
Wallace, Grace
Wallace, Luther
Wallace, Syble
Watkins, Daddy
Weatherington, Gerald
Wedding cakes
Wedding costume
Weddings -- Songs and music
Wells, Carolyn
Williams, Archie
Williams, Barbara
Williams, Leo
Wire fencing
Women volleyball players
Woodard, Mary
Wright, Elazo
Xavier University (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Y - Z

Young men
Young women
Zeigler, Kelley