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On February 19, 1891, Flora McFarlane convened the initial meeting of the first woman’s organization in Florida, the Housekeepers Club. The charter members were representative of the pioneering families of Coconut Grove: Mrs. Kirk Munroe, Mrs. Joseph Frow, Mrs. Charles Peacock, Mrs. Charles John Peacock and Mrs. Benjamin Newbold. Miss McFarlane came from New Jersey, in December of 1886, as a guest of Mrs. Thomas Munroe and her son Mr. Ralph Munroe. She became the first school mistress of the nascent community and later invited the mothers and those without children to sewing meetings at the school house. Community service and mutual support of members were integral parts of the organization. Club activities included the construction of the first church, city beautification, environmental conservation, sponsoring of the first Girl Scout troupe as well as involvement with the woman suffragist movement and financial support of World War II orphans in Europe.

The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove digital collection documents the history, civic and social activities of the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove - formerly called the Housekeepers’ Club. The digitized materials include scrapbooks, photographs, flyers and architectural plans by W.C. De Garmo.

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