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Caribbean Diaspora Oral Histories

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The Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection documents and makes accessible the contributions of people of Caribbean ancestry who share stories of migration to the United States and the challenges inherent in such displacements. The 20 interviewees are from various countries from the Caribbean basin such as Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

A full description and list of all materials in this collection are available in the Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection Finding Aid.

These oral histories express the views, memories and opinions of the interviewee. They do not represent the viewpoints of the University of Miami, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. The University of Miami makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in these interviews and expressly disclaims any liability therefor.

Copyright to these materials lies with the University of Miami. It may not be reproduced, retransmitted, published, distributed, or broadcast without the permission of the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections. For information about obtaining copies or to request permission to publish any part of an interview, please contact Special Collections at

Below is a list of the interviews.

photographAlthea (Vicki) Silvera

Interview with Althea (Vicki) Silvera of Jamaica, who is the Head of the Archives and Special Collections Department at the Florida International University Libraries.

photographCarl Juste

Interview with Carl Juste, a Haitian-Cuban-American photojournalist and UM graduate who won the Pulitzer prize and who works for the Miami Herald.

photographDr. Freddie G. Young

Interview with Dr. Freddie Young, an activist and retired principal and administrator in the Miami-Dade County school system.

photographEdouard Duval Carrié

Interview with Edouard Duval Carrié, a Haitian-born painter and sculptor who studies in Paris and Quebec, and whose work explores Haitian history and culture.

photographElizabeth Baez

Interview with Elizabeth Baez, a Puerto Rican artist and art teacher who is active in community service, including the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women.

photographElizabeth Guérin

Interview with Elizabeth Guérin, a Haitian television host who, at the age of fifteen, acted in the popular radio soap opera Woy Les Voilà.

photographFederico Uribe

Interview with Federico Uribe, a Colombian artist who studied and worked in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, and England before moving to Miami.

photographFirelei Báez

Interview with Firelai Baez, an artist from the Dominican Republic whose work emphasizes the global movement between the Caribbean and the United States.

photographFather Alejandro López

Interview with Father Alejandro Lopez, a Catholic priest from Cuba who serves at the San Jose Obrero Foundation in Choluteca, Honduras.

photographFrancisco Portillo

Interview with Francisco Portillo, a political activist in Miami who currently runs the Organizacion Hondurena Francisco Morazan organization to help Honduran immigrants.

photographGepsie M. Metellus

Interview with Gepsie M. Metellus, a community activist and co-founder of the Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center in Miami.

photographLucy Canzoneri-Golden

Interview with Lucy Canzoneri Golden, an educator born in Colombia, and co-director of the Coral Reef Montessori School.

photographMaría Rodriguez

Interview with María Rodriguez, a human rights advocate and founder of the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

photographMarlon Hill

Interview with Marlon Hill, an international corporate and transactional attorney from Jamaica who is also involved in civic engagement in Miami.

photographNixon St-Hubert (DJ Nickymix)

Interview with Nixon St-Hubert, a Haitian DJ known as Nickymix who hosts the radio show Pale Kare with social commentary on current Haitian cultural experiences in the Diaspora.

photographNora Sandigo

Nora Sandigo, an immigration activist and the legal guardian of hundreds of children, is the Executive Director of the Nora Sandigo Children Foundation and American Fraternity, both based in Miami.

photographPatricia Sowers

Interview with Patricia Sowers, a retired teacher and social worker of Cuban descent who is the director of Warmamas.

photographRoberto Guzmán

Interview with Robert Guzmán, a lawyer, linguist, and writer who a correspondent to the Real Academia de la Lengua in Spain and is deeply embedded in South Florida’s Dominican community.

photographRonald Bilbao

Interview with Ronald Bilbao, an advocate for social justice who works as a Legislative Specialist at the Florida Education Association.

photographRuby Romero-Issaev

Interview with Ruby Romero-Issaev, producer and marketing director for Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida and daughter of Venezuelan conductor and composer Aldemaro Romero.

photographTiberio Castellanos

Interview with Tiberio Castellano, a Dominican journalist, radio and TV host, poet, and cultural and political activist.