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Mark F. Boyd (1889-1968), a physician, researcher, and writer, specialized in tropical medicine, and his research on malaria brought him international recognition. The Rockefeller Foundation selected Boyd to conduct research on malarial regions of the western hemisphere. He was elected President of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, and received numerous awards. For 16 years, Boyd served as an officer of the National Malaria Society and became president of the organization in 1946. Boyd also wrote a number of articles on public health and served on the Florida State Board of Public Health. He collected materials dealing with malariology, field ecology, and other branches of science, such as botany.

The Mark F. Boyd Collection contains materials relating to Florida and United States history, natural history, and medicine. The collection, arranged in six series, includes maps, newspapers, prints, photographs, pamphlets, original documents, copies of historical documents, reprints of articles, and other materials, such as original pencil drawings of Key Biscayne and St. John's River in Florida.

The digitized collection features a selection of promotional pamphlets about South Florida tourist attractions, as well as sketches by John Rogers Vinton.