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The Frost School of Music is considered one of the most "comprehensive and influential" schools of music in the United States. One of the first two schools established when the University of Miami was founded in 1926, and after nearly 80 years of prestigious history as first the University of Miami Conservatory of Music and then the University of Miami School of Music, the school was renamed in 2003 as the Frost School of Music in honor of a naming gift by Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost.

The history of the Frost School of Music is marked by remarkable performances by its students, faculty, and honored guests. The Frost Digital Concert Archive was created to preserve and provide access to this performance history. A joint project of the Frost School of Music and the University of Miami Libraries, this growing archive features recordings of concerts and recitals presented at the Frost School of Music over the past 50 years.

Access to this collection is restricted to the University of Miami Campus