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Special Collections Digital Exhibits

Below are links to thematic digital exhibits curated by University of Miami Special Collections and featuring resources held in the University of Miami Special Collections.

Aaron Thomas: The Caribbean Journal of a Royal Navy Seaman, 1798-1799

The Caribbean Journal of Aaron Thomas, dating from June 15, 1789 through October 26, 1799, chronicles the daily life of a crew member of HMS Lapwing, a Royal Navy frigate cruising the waters of the Lesser Antilles. The handwritten journal includes accounts of battles with enemy ships, including a report detailing the events surrounding the taking of Surinam by the British during the month of August, 1799.

Amos Beebe Eaton: A Soldier's Journal of the Second Seminole Indian Wars

The Amos Beebe Eaton Papers include a journal kept by Eaton while serving as a soldier in the Second Seminole Indian Wars during 1837 and 1838. This handwritten journal chronicles an extraordinary year in the life of a young lieutenant and provides detailed insight into life in South Florida over 160 years ago.

Bob Simms: An Activist's Life and Legacy

This exhibit offers a snapshot of the life and legacy of Robert H. Simms and an overview of some of the research resources available in his collection. The online exhibit contains photographs, maps, a timeline, a bibliography and information on the collection held in Special Collections, Otto G. Richter Library.

Bound to Please: Fine Leather Bindings

A selection of 70 volumes from the extensive rare book holdings of the Special Collections Division. The exhibition describes and illustrates a diverse and exquisite group of leather bindings dating from the fifteenth through the early twentieth century and include books from the United States, Cuba, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands.

Cleared to Land: The Records of the Pan American World Airways, Inc.

The Pan American World Airways, Inc. Records collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of aviation history in the country. The 1,500 box collection provides a unique lens into the life of a pioneer airline that captured the hearts and imaginations of past and present travelers and historians, as well as evidence of human actions and transactions that helped shape the twentieth century. “Cleared to Land” guides researchers through this first-class archival collection.

Costumes of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Costumes of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean selected from books in Richter Library Speical Collections are illustrated and described. The site includes an essay and bibliography.

Emancipation: A Caribbean Story

The people of the Caribbean islands, survivors of brutal slave regimes had to carve out new economic, political, and personal identities for themselves. Dr. Edward Baptist, professor of history at the University of Miami, and another section of his History 300/Caribbean Studies class collaborated with the Special Collections faculty and staff, to create this educational web site. Students used for their research many rare Caribbean materials from Special Collections. These historical materials are used to vividly describe and illustrate this period of great change in the Caribbean.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Writer & Conservationist

This digital exhibit highlights the literary accomplishments and social activism of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a unique personality in Florida history. The materials include a timeline, bibliography, photographs, maps and information that document Ms. Douglas' life, conservationist involvement and her profound regional interest in Florida.

Past is Prologue : The Bard @ UM

This exhibit features items from the University of Miami Libraries Special Collections's rare book and archival collections that represent William Shakespeare's enduring legacy, including the University's finest and most interesting copies of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets; a segment devoted to titles which shaped and influenced the bard's body of work; and illustrative examples of how Shakespeare continues to be an important subject of modern discourse.

Sharp Focus: The Michael L. Carlebach Photography Exhibition

Visit a sampling of the photojournalist and author's thousands of captured images which are currently held by the University of Miami Libraries' Special Collections.

Slave Resistance: A Caribbean Story

A fascinating and scholarly account of the trials and lifestyles of Caribbean slaves. Dr. Edward Baptist, professor of history at the University of Miami, and his History 300/Caribbean Studies class collaborated with the Special Collections faculty and staff, to create this unique and educational web site. Many rare Caribbean maps from Special Collections, plus illustrations and engravings in rare books, were chosen as visual accompaniments to essays written by students on this infamous historical period.

Souvenirs of Miami, Florida: 100 Years of Promotional Literature

The Special Collections Division of the University of Miami Libraries has joined the celebration of the City of Miami's Centennial with a presentation of promotional literature selected from the Florida Collection. Promotional literature offers an important and colorful avenue to explore the historical development of Miami and its environs.

The Alvan Stewart Papers

The Alvan Stewart Papers contains a diary written by the New York lawyer and abolitionist Alvan Stewart (1780-1849). The diary chronicles Stewart's travels in 1831, including a sea voyage from New York to Liverpool, his travels through England and France, and the return voyage.

The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Experience in Miami

The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Experience in Miami is the online companion of the Special Collections exhibit located on the 2nd floor of the Otto G. Richter Library, University of Miami (February 18 - May 1, 2009). The selected images tell a story of struggle, community challenges, and hope for Black Miami in the 20th century. Through a combination of personal papers, books, professional photography, fliers and reports of civil rights activities this exhibition on Black Miami presents a sobering glimpse at what was and illustrates a path of civic involvement and pride.

The Commodore's Story: Early Miami History

An exhibition of photographs from the Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers at the University of Miami Libraries' Special Collections. Commodore Ralph M. Munroe (1851-1933) was a man of many talents: yacht designer, sailor, accomplished photographer, entrepreneur and early conservationist who was instrumental in the historic development of Coconut Grove and the larger Miami community.

The Gareth and Janet Dunleavy Collection of Irish History and Literature

The Gareth and Janet Dunleavy Collection of Irish History and Literature includes an array of printed works dating from the eighteenth through twentieth centuries, accumulated by Gareth and Janet in the course of their scholarly research. The Dunleavys donated materials in memory of the late Bernard Benstock.

The Helen Carmichael Purdy Foundation Collection

The Helen Carmichael Purdy Foundation Collection contains an outstanding collection of rare and unique research materials on Florida and its vast history. The items presented here in the Purdy Foundation worldwide web exhibition cover a wide span of time, and encompass most of the classic formats of archival material. Books, maps, letters, and other documents spanning the 16th to the 20th century tell the fascinating story of the discovery, settlement and growth of the great state of Florida.

The Jackie Gleason Collection

The Jackie Gleason Collection includes books, journals, periodicals, and publications accumulated by this world famous entertainer. Gleason, a comedian, television star, and motion picture actor of international acclaim, developed a deep and abiding interest in parapsychology and its many components.

The Rare Map Collections

Although the map collections in the Special Collections include maps and charts that cover nearly all areas of the world, their major emphasis is on Florida, the United States, and the Caribbean Area. The collections are comprised of works by famous cartographers, covers a variety of subjects, and includes items dated from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Treasures of the Americas

This online version of the Treasures of the Americas exhibit, which has been on display in the Richter Library since June of 2008, presents a selection of rare and unique materials documenting North and South America and the Caribbean. The items highlighted include rare books, maps, correspondence, diaries and journals, architectural drawings, photographs, paintings and sculpture from the University of Miami Libraries' Special Collections.