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La Gaceta de La Habana was the newspaper of record for the Spanish colonial government in the second half of the nineteenth century in Cuba. The Gaceta was the successor of Diario de La Habana, which was published until 1848, when it changed its name to La Gaceta de La Habana: Periódico Oficial del Gobierno. In turn, it was succeeded by La Gaceta Oficial de la República de Cuba in 1902.

The Gaceta de La Habana represents a record of the governmental decisions that had an impact on the daily life of Cubans in the nineteenth century. As the newspaper of record for the last half century of the colonial government, the social, cultural, legislative, and commercial information printed on the pages of La Gaceta is of interest not only to scholars of Cuban Studies, but also scholars of Atlantic, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies.

With support from the Latin American Materials Project (LAMP) and the Latin American Research Resources Project (LARRP), the University of Miami Libraries has digitized La Gaceta de La Habana from 1849 to 1897. These years are available online:


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La Gaceta de La Habana is part of the Cuban Law and Governance digital collection, which contains a growing number of titles related to Cuban law and legislation.

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