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The Luis Casero Guillén collection contains the digitized scrapbook albums relating to the life of the Cuban politician, Luis Casero Guillén (1902-1998). The scrapbooks contain photographs that detail his life starting from childhood and include his time as Mayor of Santiago de Cuba and as the Minister of Public Works of Cuba. The albums also contain numerous clippings, awards, correspondence, and pamphlets.

Luis Casero Guillén (1902-1998) was a Cuban politician, born in Santiago de Cuba. He was elected mayor of Santiago de Cuba  in the 1940s and served as Minister of Public Works during the presidency of Carlos Prío Socarrás. In 1952, Casero Guillén was nominated for Vice President on the Auténtico ticket along with Carlos Hevia for President, but the elections never took place due to the coup d'etat by Fulgencio Batista in March of 1952.