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The Ramiro A. Fernández digital collection contains images that document life in Cuba from the 1890s through the 1950s.  Included are pictures of a variety of buildings, such as homes, schools, churches, resorts, military installations, and public buildings, as well as landscapes, street scenes, and pictures of agriculture, transportation, families, children, and people at work and leisure.

Ramiro A. Fernández began collecting photographs of Cuba in 1981.  Inspired by his grandmother, Hortensia Lizaso Machado, Fernández built his collection to document aspects of Cuban life, history, art, and culture before they disappeared. His collection includes a mixture of family, tourist, and professional photos from the late 1800s through the Cuban Revolution.

A native of Cuba, Fernández moved with his family to Palm Beach County, Florida, in 1960. He graduated from Florida State University in 1974 and worked as a photo editor for Time, Inc. for 25 years. He is a Contributing Photo Editor to Americas Quarterly. In 2007, Fernández published I Was Cuba: Treasures from the Ramiro Fernández Collection (Chronicle Books).

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