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Herman Beller (1899-1972) was a skilled metalwork entrepreneur in Cuba.  With his wife Jennie, Beller settled in Havana, Cuba in the 1920s. He began his career by manufacturing die-cast metalwork for replacement parts for machinery and later manufactured body frames for school buses and desks, furniture for public buildings, municipal lamps, bronze commemorative plaques, and sculptural works throughout installations in Cuba. As a member of the Cuban Jewish community, Beller also created religious and ceremonial metal pieces. Beller and his family left Cuba in the 1960s and settled in Hollywood, Florida, where he died in 1972.

The Herman Beller Photograph Collection contains photographs of metal works done by Beller's Havana-based company, Industrias Unidas de Cuba, and the Darden-Beller Company. The collection contains a large group of photographs particularly detailing his work at the Parque de la Fraternidad in Havana, one of the larger public works projects Beller undertook. All photographs and objects in the collection have been digitized.