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The Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club was a women's organization in Cuba dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, women's issues, social welfare, and women's athletics. It was formed when two Havana women's clubs, the Lyceum and the "Tennis de Señoritas," merged in 1939. The Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club hosted art exhibitions, lectures, conferences, vocational classes, and a library. It's strong emphasis on social welfare led to the creation of the School of Social Service at the University of Havana. The club was also recognized as a nuturing environment for emerging and established Cuban intellectuals and artists.

In 1968, the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club was shut down by the Castro government. Led by María Luisa Guerrero, several members continued meeting in exile in Miami. In the early 1980s, the Cuban Heritage Collection canvassed former Lyceum members to collect their memorabilia, photographs, exhibition programs, newsletters, and yearbooks. It is the over 300 items generously donated by former members that comprise the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club Collection.