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A - C

Abstracts of title
Alachua County (Florida)
Amelia Island (Florida) -- History -- 19th century
American letters -- 18th century
American letters -- 19th century
Armed Forces -- Officers
Armon, Clara
Atlanta (Georgia)
Automobile travel -- United States
Backus, Electus
Baldwin, J.
Bank notes -- United States
Banks and banking -- United States -- History
Barbour, John N.
Barker, Martin
Baron, Charles S.
Bay, Elihu Hall, 1754-1838
Beaujean, Rufus W.
Biscayne Park (Florida) -- History
Bissett, Captain
Blair, Montgomery, 1813-1883
Botanists -- West Florida
Brent, Robert, 1764-1819
Broward, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1857-1910
Brown, Thomas
Cabinet officers -- Correspondence
Calhoun (Tennessee)
Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850
Call, R. K. (Richard Keith), 1791-1862
Calvert, Thomas
Cameron, Simon, 1799-1889
Camp Jupiter (Florida)
Catts, Sidney Johnston, 1863-1936
Cedar Key (Florida)
Chaires, Benjamin
Chester, Peter, ca. 1717-1799
Cincinnati (Ohio)
Cist, Lewis J. (Lewis Jacob), 1818-1885
Clay, C. C.(Clement Claiborne), 1816-1882
Clay, Clement, C., 1789-1866
Command of troops -- History -- 19th century
Communities -- Religious aspects
Community development
Construction industry -- Law and legislation -- Florida
Cooke, Anson J.
Corporate minutes
Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
Creek War, 1836
Croom, Hardy B.
Croom, W. W.

D - F

Dade Massacre, Florida, 1835
Davenport, M.
Deeds -- Florida
Deeds -- West Florida
Deering, Charles, 1852-1927
Dissertations, Academic
Disston City (Florida) -- Newspapers
Disston City (Florida) -- Social life and customs
Doring, H. P.
Durnford, Elias Walker, fl. 1770-1794
Duval, William Pope, 1784-1854
East Florida
Eaton, John Henry, 1790-1856
Edmonstone, Robert
Emerson, A.L.
Engraving, American
Equipment and supplies
Estates (Law)
Farm ownership
Farragut, David Glasgow, 1801-1870
Fernandina (Florida)
Ferris, Henry
Financial statements
Fitzpatrick, William
Flagler, Henry Morrison, 1830-1913
Florida -- Description and travel
Florida -- History
Florida -- History, Mckenzie, Collin
Florida -- Politics and government
Florida -- Race relations
Florida East Coast Railway
Florida Railroad Company
Florida Southern Railway Company
Florida Title Company
Florida. Governor (1836-1839 : Call)
Florida. Governor (1845-1849 : Moseley)
Florida. Governor (1917-1921 : Catts)
Forbes, Thomas
Fort Brooke (Tampa, Florida)
Fort Dallas (Miami, Florida)
Fort Drane (Marion County, Florida)
Fort King (Ocala, Florida)
Fort Pickens (Florida)
Fort Poinsett (Cape Sable, Florida)
Fort Saint Marks (Florida)
Fort Scott (Georgia)
Forward, Walter, 1786-1852

G - I

Gadsden, James, 1788-1858
Garey's Ferry (Florida)
Gates, William, 1788-1868
Governors -- Florida
Governors -- United States
Griffing Biscayne Park Estates (Florida)
Guard duty
Haines, T. J.
Harbors -- Cuba -- Havana
Hartford (Ship)
Hascall, H. A.
Havana Bay (Cuba)
Hawley, John B. (John Baldwin), 1831-1895, Currie, J. M.
Henkel, Frances C.
Hill, B. H.
Hines, Chas. W.
Hogan, John, 1805-1892
Holden, Henry H.
Hood, Mary, E.
Hood, Washington
Howard, Louisa H.
Hunt, Harry W.
Hunt, T. W., fl. ca. 1850-1863
Indian Key (Monroe County, Florida)
Indian Key Massacre
Indians of North America -- Land tenure
International Railroad and Steamship Company of Florida

J - L

Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845
Jacksonville (Florida) -- History
Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Indian River Railway
Jesup, T. S.
Jesup, Thomas Sidney, 1788-1860
Jews -- Florida -- Miami -- History
Jews--Florida--Miami Region--Social life and customs
Jones, R., Adjutant-General
Key Biscayne (Florida)
Key West (Florida)
Lacock, Abner, 1770-1837
Land grants -- Florida
Land tenure
Land titles
Land titles -- Registration and transfer
Landlord and tenant
Langer, A. H
Larned, B. F.
Lawson, Thomas, 1781?-1861
Letter writing
Lighthouse keepers
Lighthouses -- Florida
Lorimer, John, 1732-1795

M - O

Mack, Oscar Addison, 1827?-1876
Macomb, Alexander, 1782-1841
Macullagh, Alexander
Maddy, E.
Marks, Henry S.
Mass, Ford T.
Materials -- Inventories
McCants, Joseph
McIntosh, John, d. 1826
McKay, George
McNeill, James
McRoy, George
McWhir, William, 1759-1851, Orme, Charlotte
Medical instruments and apparatus
Miami (Florida)
Miami River (Florida)
Military supplies
Mintum, Lloyd
Monroe, James, 1758-1831
Morgan, Edwin A.
Moseley, William Dunn, 1795-1863
Munroe, John, d. 1861
Munroe, Kirk, 1850-1930
Munroe, Wirth
Muster rolls
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Native Americans -- Florida -- History
Naval Order of the United States
New Orleans (Louisiana)
New York (New York)
Newnansville (Florida)
North Britain (Great Britain)
Notices to mariners
Nourse, Taylor & Brooks
Ocklawaha River (Florida)
Okeechobee, Lake County (Florida)
Operational rations (Military supplies)
Ord, Edward Otho Cresap, 1818-1883
Osceola County (Florida)

P - R

Palmer, James Shedden.
Payne, George
Penman, James
Pensacola (Florida)
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
Phillips, W. H.
Pierce, H. W.
Piper, Thomas
Plantations -- Florida
Postal service
Presidents -- United States
Presidents -- United States -- Pictorial works
Privateering -- Florida --History -- 18th century
Raids (Military science)
Railroad companies -- Florida
Railroad tracks -- Design and construction
Ramsden, F.
Ramsden, Robert
Real Estate Business -- Florida -- History
Real property -- Florida
Real property -- Valuation
Real property -- West Florida
Receipts (Acknowledgments)
Reid, Robert Raymond, 1789-1841
Richardson, J. B.
Richardson, Jos.
Richardson, Marcia
Riley, James Whitcomb, 1849-1916
Ringgold, George Hay, 1814-1864
Rocky Comfort (Florida)

S - U

Saint Augustine (Florida) -- History
Saint Cloud (Florida)
Seminole Indians -- Florida
Seminole Indians -- Wars
Seminole Land & Investment Company
Seminole War, 2nd, 1835-1842
Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872
Sewell, John
Soldiers' pay, allowances, etc.
Spanish Florida claims
Springer, Cornelius
Starch mills
Steamboats -- Florida -- 1880-1890
Stribling, C. K.
Sullivan & Barbour (Boston, Massachusetts)
Sullivan, John W.
Tampa (Florida)
Tampa (Florida) -- Communications
Tampa (Florida) -- History -- 19th century
Tampa Bay (Florida)
Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850
Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850 -- Pictorial works
Territorial governors
Territories and possessions
Thaft, D. H.
Thomas, Lorenzo, 1804-1875
Title companies
United States -- Armed Forces -- Military life
United States -- Description and travel
United States -- History, Naval -- 19th century
United States. Armed forces -- Records and correspondence
United States. Army -- Military life -- 19th century
United States. Army. Infantry -- History -- 19th century

V - X

Van Nest, J. P.
Vincent, J. M.
Vose, Charlotte
Vose, W.
Ward, Charles
Warren, Benjamin
Warships -- Visits to foreign ports
Washington (D.C.)
West Florida
West Florida. Governor (1770-1781 : Chester)
White, Joseph M., 1781-1839
Wilder, John
Willcox, Cecil
Williamson, Jeff
Worth, William Jenkins, 1794-1849
Wyse, F. O.

Y - Z

Young, N. E.
Yulee, David Levy, 1810-1886