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Below are descriptions and links to the latest 20 collections added to Digital Collections arranged by date.

Herman Beller Photograph Collection

Photographs of metal works produced at Herman Beller's company in Havana, including machinery parts, school bus frames, furniture, commemorative plaques, and ornamental public works, as well as his work at the Parque de la Fraternidad in Havana. Published: 2014-04-27

Federico García Lorca Papers

Letters from Spanish poet Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) to Cuban diplomat and writer José María Chacón y Calvo (1892-1969) and photographs of García Lorca’s visit to Cuba in 1930 and in Spain. Published: 2014-04-08


Tempo, a University of Miami student magazine published from October 1949 through April 1971, features articles and photographs by student journalists about University events, activities, trends, and personalities. Published: 2014-03-16

Ruston Academy Records

School yearbooks, photographs, periodicals, and ephemera from the Ruston Academy, a private, bilingual, college preparatory school that operated from 1920-1961 in Havana, Cuba. Published: 2014-03-04

Finlay B. Matheson Collection

Photographs dating from the 1900s through the 1930s depicting the activities, travels, houses, and boats of the Matheson family, South Florida landscapes, and the development of Key Biscayne. Published: 2013-12-29

Historical Documents Collection

Letters, deeds, bonds, receipts, orders, position appointments, and other documents from 1642 to the 1920s from prominent figures in the areas of art, literature, music, science, scholarship, business, law, military, politics, diplomacy, and religion. Published: 2013-12-19

Haitian Diaspora Oral Histories

Videos and outlines of oral history interviews conducted with musicians, artists, and writers of Haitian ancestry. Published: 2013-09-14

Historical Florida Brochures, Pamphlets, and Promotional Materials

Brochures, pamphlets, and other promotional materials related to tourism and development in Florida. Published: 2013-09-12

Human Rights Oral History Project

Videos and outlines of oral history interviews with Cuban dissidents, with a focus on the Black Spring of 2003 when the Cuban government arrested 75 activists. Published: 2013-09-06

Osvaldo Sánchez Film Collection

Commercials of businesses from Miami's Latin community filmed by Cuban cinematographer Osvaldo Sánchez in the 1970s. Published: 2013-08-06

Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas Records

Official documents from the Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas, including correspondence between local juntas and the main junta, and reports detailing names or numbers of patrocinados that document cases of individual patrocinados. Published: 2013-07-30

Woman's Club of Coconut Grove Records

Scrapbooks, architectural plans and photographs documenting the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove’s history and activities from 1896 to 1923. Published: 2013-03-05

José Curbelo Papers

The José Curbelo (1917-2012) papers contain photographs, clippings, copies of advertisements, and promotional materials which primarily document Curbelo’s band and its trajectory in New York during the 1940s. Published: 2013-02-12

Canary Islands Collection

Twenty-six bound and paginated 16th-century manuscripts describing contemporary conditions and military operations in the Canary Islands, including a series of letters (15 items) and an assortment of other official documents (11 items). Twelve letters bear the imprimatur of King Philip II of Spain. Published: 2013-01-09

Ramiro Casañas Collection

Correspondence and documentation from the nineteenth century Cuban independence movement, Junta Revolucionaria Cubana [Cuban Revolutionary Committee]. Published: 2013-01-07

The Carrell

The Carrell: Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library was published from 1960 to 1996 to promote Richter Library and its notable special collections.  It featured articles, poetry, and artwork by a range of contributors including Clark Mixon Emery , Theodore Bolton, Charlton Tebeau and many others.  The entire run of the journal was digitized  in 2012 to commemorate Richter’s golden anniversary. Published: 2012-12-07

Seymour Samet Papers

Correspondence, conference papers, reports, photographs and other materials from the 1940s to the 1980s that document Mr. Samet’ s work in community relations with the American Jewish Committee and the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service. Published: 2012-12-04

Cuban Museum of Art and Culture Records

Notable materials include several letters from José Martí, and late 19th and early 20th photographs and documents relating to the Bacardí family in Cuba. Published: 2012-07-27

Tobacco Art Collection

Art and ephemera associated with the Cuban tobacco industry, including commercial tobacco packaging labels, cigar trademarks, and cigar bands. Published: 2012-07-27

UM Architecture Collection

The University Archives has digitized a selection of blueprints and drawings by Architect Phineas Paist and Artist Denman Fink from the original proposal of the new University of Miami campus in 1926. Published: 2012-05-19