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Recently Added Digital Collections

Below are descriptions and links to the latest 20 collections added to Digital Collections arranged by date.

Pan American World Airways Records

Annual reports, brochures, directories, periodicals, and timetables documenting Pan Am's operations around the world from 1929 to 1991. Published: 2017-11-28

UM Fact Books

The UM Fact Books digital collection contains fact books produced by the University of Miami Office of Planning, Institutional Research, and Assessment (PIRA) from 1972-2016. Published: 2017-09-28

Merici Academy Collection

School yearbooks, photographs, periodicals, and ephemera from Merici Academy, a private, Catholic all-girls school that operated from 1941-1961 in Havana, Cuba. Published: 2017-07-21

UM Commencement Ceremony Collection

The UM Commencement Ceremony digital collection contains programs from the commencement ceremonies held by the schools and departments at the University of Miami from 1927 through spring 2016. Published: 2016-12-06

Cuban Law and Governance

Publications related to Cuban law and legislation that were digitized as part of a broader multi-institutional initiative to provide access to the legal history of the island, inclduing La Gaceta de La Habana. Published: 2016-11-15

Caribbean Diaspora Oral Histories

The Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection documents and makes accessible the contributions of people of Caribbean ancestry who share stories of migration to the United States and the challenges inherent in such displacements. Published: 2016-11-03

Ricardo Arregui Audio Collection

Digitized audio recordings of advertisements by Arregui-Fergo Advertising in Cuba and Arregui International Advertising in South Florida that aired from the 1950s through the early 2000s. Published: 2016-02-11

Luis Casero Guillén Collection

Scrapbooks containing photographs, clippings, awards, correspondence, and pamphlets related to the life of Cuban politician, Luis Casero Guillén (1902-1998). Published: 2015-11-16

Bernhardt E. Muller Collection

Architectural drawings, renderings, sketches and photographs related to the design and construction of Opa-Locka, Florida, the nation’s largest concentration of Moorish Revival architecture. Published: 2015-09-24

Collazo Family Papers

Correspondence from the Collazo family about their commercial activities in the Caribbean from the 1820s-1890s. Published: 2015-09-24

Floyd and Marion Rinhart Photograph Collection

Photogravures, engravings, and stereographs depicting various views of Florida's build environment and natural landscapes from the  towns and landscapes from the 1860s -1930s. Published: 2015-09-24

Orange Bowl Committee Archives

Sketches of float designs for the Orange Bowl parade once held on New Year's Day in Miami. Published: 2015-09-24

Zine Collection

Selected zines from the UM Special Collections zine collection, which holds over 5000 items. These zines cover a variety of topics, including LGBTQ issues, anarchism, feminism, art, and the environment. Published: 2015-09-24

José Miró Cardona Audio

Speeches and radio programs featuring the discourse of Cuban lawyer and politician José Miró Cardona while he was exiled in Miami, Florida and Puerto Rico, primarily from the 1960s. Published: 2015-08-01

Latin American and Caribbean Photograph Collection

Photographs and albums depicting life, culture, tourism, business, and missionary work in the Caribbean and Latin America in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Published: 2015-08-01

School of Architecture Fruit Tiles

Graphic representations of fruit by second year architecture students employing both freehand drawing skills and digital technologies. Published: 2015-08-01

School of Architecture Hometown Maps

Maps created by undergraduate architecture students as they research their hometown and translate their discoveries into a visual narrative using a combination of hand and digital techniques. Published: 2015-08-01

School of Architecture Digital Collection

Plans, renderings, drawings, blueprints, personal papers, photographs, and ephemera relevant to the study of architecture and the History of the School of Architecture. Published: 2015-06-15

StoryCorps Historias

Audio interviews from the StoryCorps Historias project that were recorded in Miami or with participants who self-identified as Cuban or Cuban descent. Published: 2015-06-04


The IBIS yearbook has been published annually since 1927. Yearbooks from 1927 through 1959 have been digitized and are available online. Published: 2015-05-09